CM 10.2, Based On Android 4.3, released for several devices.


One of the most popular Android Hackers, The Cyanogen Mod team, has another update for everyone who owns an Android device. For every Major Android update, the CM team has a custom ROM based on the latest Android version, frankly speaking works faster than Official version but not supported by many apps. Installation of a Custom ROM also costs you your whole data, not the media, but every installed app is a goner as you installed Custom ROM.


Matter not, the CM team has released another Cyanogen Mod ROM, based on Android latest version Android 4.3 Jelly Bean for several flagship devices. But before downloading and installing it, remember it is still in process ROM, full of bugs and most of the things are not working on it, wanna hear the scariest thing, The WI-Fi won’t work on it.  The CM version are said to be the stable ones, but you shouldn’t try Nightly version on your everyday devices.

The CM 10.2 has been released for a lot of devices, we will list only a few of them here, to know that your device is supported, visit their website.

Samsung Galaxy Tab, Sony Xperia Z, Verizon Galaxy Nexus, Google Nexus 4, Google Nexus 7, Google Nexus 10, Samsung T-Mobile, AT&T Galaxy Note 2 , Galaxy Note, 1st and 2nd gen  Kindle Fire , LG Optimus L9, Samsung Galaxy S, Galaxy S2, Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4.

If you are among those who can’t wait to update their device to CM 10.2 go ahead, but for all others I suggest to wait for the stable release to use on your mobile. If you want to try the Cyanogen Mod for the first time, try CM 10.1 it is more stable than this one and you will receive an OTA update when the stable version of CM 10.2 will release. We expect to see a stable version of CM 10.2 in almost a month, so wait until then.

Cyanogen Mod is an easy way to enjoy the latest versions of Android, Many Smartphones stop receiving the Official updates of Android so for anyone to update their mobile to the latest version, try the CyanogenMod. Updates is the only problem for Android , 4.3 has been released and only 6.5% are using Android 4.2.2.


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