iOS 7: Release Date and Features.


Apple’s Latest OS, iOS 7 beta test was released a couple of weeks ago and many devices have been upgraded to it. iOS has a fully  redesigned interface, many improvements, enhanced battery performance, better multitasking, different notification center, Control Center and Air Drop for iOS. According to Apple, your devices will be much faster and reliable and very helpful in everyday life.  Apple will release iOS 7 for customers this fall. Here is the list of devices, which will receive the update of iOS 7, officially:

  • Apple iPhone 5
  • Apple iPhone 4s
  • Apple iPhone 4
  • Apple iPad 2
  • Apple iPad with Retina Display
  • Apple iPad Mini
  • Apple iPod Touch 16GB
  • Apple iPod Touch 32/64GB


Let’s Take a Look at the new features in iOS:

Control Center:

Control center is just like Android Pull down menu, but is activated with a swipe up. It allows you to access the Pause and Play feature, Brightness control, Airplane mode, WI-Fi, Bluetooth, skip a song or access to camera, flashlight, timer and calculator.


Notification Center:

You can access every type of Notification from Missed calls, Messages and Email to Apps or other updates.



With iOS 6 when you press the home button twice you can see the previous or minimized apps, but in iOS 7 things are a bit different. Like the HTC, iOS7 has the same multitasking interface. Instead of mini icons, this time it will be the whole preview window which you can swipe left or right to scroll and tap on it to open it.



Panorama is still there like in iPhone 5, and new features like selecting frames and different filters are there for you to apply.



Apple finally made an attempt to catch up to Andriod’s All Share feature, introducing their AirDrop, which allows you to send files to other iOS devices using WI-Fi.



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