ANDROID 5.0 Key Lime Pie; Release date and Expected Features.


For any Android user, one problem that bugs the hell out of them is the lag and crash while using apps and playing games. Because of this very reason, iOS users always consider themselves a step ahead of Android users. Despite the release of Android Jelly Bean, Project Butter, there were still many problems in Android OS, but this time Google has learned from their mistakes.


Since Apple released iOS 7, it is said to be showing better results than they can recall, despite the fact they copied Android in many ways. Their performance is better than ever and iOS can only be installed in an Apple device which is exactly why iOS is still better than Android. Apple can create OS according to system demand.


But when it comes to customization, Apple is far behind Android not to mention they include Open source, while iOS is restricted in so many ways that sometimes it’s starting to get on user’s nerves. Android has no restrictions, you can find custom ROMs, and you can transfer data easily, unlike Apple which requires iTunes to be installed for data transferring.

All that left for Android is to increase it’s performance and it will be the perfect OS for any mobile. The next Version of Android, Android 5.0 Key Lime pie is to be released this year, with a lot of improvements and tons of new features including the most enticing feature, almost 95% of the lag has been removed and your device will crash minimal times to zero.


Let’s talk about the expected features of Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie:

Performance Profiles:

Different profiles for different times. For example, at night you want the brightness at it’s lowest and in day you want it at it’s brightest,  other options like Gaming max performance profile, while playing a game your Mobile will give you the best performance.

Better Multiple Device Support:

Between your Smartphone and Tablet, switching has never been so easy, with great multiple support of Key Lime Pie, there will be a better connection with Playstore, which allows you to download a Paid app from one device to another.

Line Drawing KeyBoard Option:

When it comes to predicting words, we can admit quite frankly it’s not good at all. Google is thinking to upgrade the app so you can get a better prediction of words.

A Default Video Chat App:

Another thing missing from Android is a built-in video chat app, which Android developers are including this time.

Multi Select In Contacts:

If you are an Android user, you will notice that in many devices you can’t select multiple contacts to send a message, in Key Lime Pie, you have an option to select multiple contacts to send messages to.

Cross-Device SMS Sync:

In Key Lime Pie, you can make a back-up of your SMS on your Google Account, so you won’t have any problem switching to another device without losing any SMS.


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