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The Low battery indication has always remained a problem. So if now users are continually being disturbed about their battery life and they want to know that how to get rid of this issue, then the Battery Doctor Pro is the best solution for them. Battery Doctor is one more battery app for the iPhones, which helps the users to get the highest battery life from their device. It has the ability to track and to plan the full cycle charges for the users. Now users could get a correct running time for commonly used works on the iPhones.It also keeps the record the total life of the battery. Here are some of its remarkable features:


Its Features:

The Battery Doctor is full with attractive features and has a huge UI to wade. After loading up, the Battery Doctor Pro has a good outer lining with a whole list of times running for all the works on the iPhone. It shows a user that you know how much time would be required for a full charge.

  • calculate approximately the battery remaining time
  • It has a Task Killer that ceases the apps that take the power when it’s not in use
  • There are Widgets that advance the battery performance
  • speed up the pace of the device
  • It also indicates that how much battery power could be extended if the Wifi/Bluetooth would be
  • It gives the device software and hardware information and facts.


The Status

The Status section of the battery doctor pro gives the user accurate crash down that’s how long the battery would be able to perform the maximum regular tasks on the current charge.

To Maintain

This part of the Battery Doctor Pro suggests that how much time is left to use battery down before a recharge is required to get the maximum life of the battery. The Charging too frequently actually decreases the battery life on the whole.

Log Portion

The Log section of the battery doctor keeps the track record of the normal and the charges of the full cycle. Then it plots the activity that a user gets on a graph from each charge for the easy viewing.

The Themes

The Themes let the users to customize their indicator color of the battery, or make use of a photo in order to personalize the battery indicator for the special additional touch.


The Good:

The LLC Game Lingo has done a truly the best job on Battery Doctor. Its design is visually attractive and its layout is really easy to use. They also include the tips for the most ordinary battery saving performances right in the Battery Pro Doctor. The Battery Doctor appears to be doing the good job on the iPhone 4.Though it works well on the 3GS as well. Moreover the Battery Doctor is capable of iOS4multitasking already.

I think it would be better if the developers tied the full cycle charge feature into the battery health indicator. This would make the health indicator more accurate than manually adjusting it.

The Verdict:

After using the Battery Doctor the users would realize that it is surely one of the finest battery expanding apps available at the App Store. Furthermore it is perfect for getting the greatest information and the management from the battery of iPhone.


Download Battery Dr saver+a task killer 3.5.7  [ Mirror 1 ] [ Mirror 2


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