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During the Google I/O, it was announced that Google Maps will be updated with the latest interface. The Google Maps for Chrome has already been updated and the new user interface is really cool and impressive.
The same kind of look is now available in the latest version of Google Maps 7.0 for Android users. This version of the app may not work with all the devices but if your device is running Android 4.0 or up then you’ll definitely get it.Google Maps 7.0

Right now the company has released the Android version only but very soon there will be iOS version release too. The iOS version may take time because Apple is already rolling out lots of beta version of its new iOS so Google may do it once Apple prepares the stable version of the iOS 7!!

Google Maps 7.0 Features
Let see what the new Google Maps 7.0 got for the Android users.
The biggest change in the app is the new user interface which was shown first at Google I/O 2013 and it is already available on the Chrome browser. The same kind of user interface is now available on the Android too and I must say that the UI is very elegant, simple to use and a kind of wow.
Google Maps 7.0 Road maps
Next big feature in this Google Maps 7.0 is that it is completely compatible with the Android tablets. So, now the Android tablet users can also use this new user interface. Very soon the same UI with a new version will be arriving the iOS too that will be optimized for the iPad and iPad mini.
Google Maps 7.0 Demo Google has brought lots of new cards in to the Google Maps 7.0 just like Google Now. Users can now see reviews and pictures in the form of cards. Well, the design is really good and no one going to dislike that.
Google Maps 7.0 overview All the map features which were previously there on the Google Maps are all there in this version also. As the UI has been changed so the icons are also changed a little bit but it isn’t too hard to recognize what button is for which feature or setting.
Google Maps 7.0 ratings
Reviews from Zagat will be shown now on the Google Maps 7.0 for Android. This means reviews done by your friends can be accessed directly on the map app and you can plan your holidays or dinner accordingly.

Download Google Maps 7.0
So these were the features of the Google Maps 7.0. The offline map feature is still missing in the app.
If your device runs on Android 4.0 or upper version of Android then you can upgrade your Maps app with this one.
Google Maps 7.0 Video Review


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