Xbox Music Service Released Officially


Microsoft has introduced Xbox Music‘s web based version which is all set to go however we are still awaiting the official unveiling later this week.  This service would surely attract more people and this allows the subscribers to get access right away. If we take a look at the interface of this Windows 8.1 Xbox Music App you might understand how similar they are and so far there seem to be no compatibility issues, however the ‘now playing’ functionality is missing from this initial launch but we hope Microsoft would be addressing this issue soon.

Xbox Music Service

Xbox Music Service 


It is compatible with both windows and Mac which is something to look out for both kinds of users and they’ve enabled all the basic functionalities you’d be needing to start off with this, and with some more updates I’m sure it would reach much higher or equal quality to that of the app on Windows 8.1

Ease of Use

Xbox Music syncs across many kinds of devices which means no matter what you’re using your playlists would be available for playback with ease. I think Microsoft is missing out on a lot of potential clients/customers because they haven’t created an Xbox Music app for neither Android nor iOS which seem to be costing them however according to reports two official Xbox Music apps for both Android and iOS is not far away.

The Trail Version

If you’re already a subscriber why don’t you go ahead and try out this awesome web based version of Xbox Music and I’m sure you’d love the experience but if you’re yet to pay the money to avail this service then Microsoft has enabled 30 day trial which is needless to say amazing. You could get this service on almost all of the top web browsers available right now such as Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer and Firefox.  The web version of Xbox Music Service would support Flash Player 11.0+.

Xbox Music Service

Xbox Music Service

Combinations for Xbox Music

I think Xbox Music service has brought together some of the best combinations for streaming music such as Spotify’s streaming music, iTunes’ music purchasing feature and even Pandora’s artist-based radio stations. Still its going to be hard to conquer this field as many of Microsoft’s competitors have already rolled out this service but if they’re going to give proper updates at the right time then I think they’d be able to remain among the top music streaming service providers in the world.


The subscription of this service is not that high but not too low either, as already pointed out if you want you could try out this service for about 30 days for free and if you’re interested you could purchase it for a month for $9.99 and if you’d like to go for an annual plan it would cost you $99.
For all of you music lovers out there I think Xbox Music would provide you guys with an awesome service where you get access to your music from around the globe.


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