Apple’s new iWatch, What’s more now ?


Lately we’ve been hearing a lot about Apple’s new iWatch but we never knew if this is just a rumor however now we know that Apple might very well be on its way to launch this new amazing wristwatch cum handheld computer. Apparently Apple has filed a patent for the wrist-worn device in Japan, the application was made on the 3rd of June.
A few months ago, we had been hearing a lot about 100 designers working on the iWatch to bring out the complete product. If this does come out soon we could never know useful this could be or how much computing it can do it’d be just like having a fully functional yet small iPhone on our wrist and that would sound epic to most of you geeks out there.

Japan is not the only country where Apple has officially filed a trademark and it wasn’t long before a similar trademark was filed in Russia. The competition for the smartwatch market is going to be tense in the coming couple of months especially as Sony has rolled out their product the Sony Smartwatch 2. Not much response from Apple has been a disappointment however some of the big names when it comes to news such as The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times had written about the possibility of the iWatch coming out soon enough.



A wait for the best to launch

Apple has always kept creativity and innovation at the top of its priorities and that could very well be the reason why they have not launched their product in the smartwatch market even when they know their competitors are getting away. Apple would be looking to come up with a supreme device that would combine the elegant and slick design of a watch with the computing and features of a smartphone and this would surely be a big development in the world of technology. According to reports Apple might be making a wristwatch like device made out of curved glass and it would run on Apples iOS operating system.


Competitors in the market

iWatch would have to ward off competition from the Pebble watch, the Sony smartwatch and even more as many other companies are looking to launch their own products by the end of this year or by the starting of next year. This might be a little hard to believe but when The Journal said Apple was looking to put out a smaller version of the iPad, the iPad Mini arrived and the iWatch could very well be put out by Apple soon. The iWatch is bound to differ from the iPod Nano 6th Gen which could be used as a watch and it would surely be more than an iPod.
We’ve got no information on how the device would look like or how fast it would be or how it would be priced but it wouldn’t be long before all our queries would be answered.  This would be a perfect product for all of you Apple Fans out there who would love to wear it.


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