Google to Release Gaming Console, Nexus Q 2 And Smartwatch


Google is planning to launch an Android gaming console and a smart watch as a sequel to it failed product Nexus Q. Manufactured in the US, the Nexus Q was launched in 2012. However, negative consumer feedback, high price and an uncertainty regarding its actual use led to its downfall in the consumer market.

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The Report

This report was published by the company in ‘The Wall Street Journal’. However, they did not mention the exact date of launch. All that was made public was that they would bring the product to the shelves soon. Not only this, the management did not even expose the features of the products. Thus all that people know is that Google is launching a bunch of products and everything else is a mystery.

Google Smart Watch


These reports of the expected release of Google’s smart watch come close to an announcement by Apple that they are making another rival named the iWatch. Thus after processors, computers and tablets, smart watches may be the new reason for competition between the two ace companies.

Google Gaming Console


The gaming console that Google is willing to launch may seem a to be a new good player in the market, but its competitors Playstation and XBOX already have a strong hold on the mindset of the consumers. Furthermore, Apple is also adding a few more gaming features to its Apple TV. Therefore it is not sure whether the idea will work or not. However, Google has always been a company that changed the perception of the users by its tremendous startups especially its search engine. Thus, we cannot predict the success or failure of any of its product before its launch.

Google Budget Phones



Google is also rumored to be working on a new range of low cost smart phones. This may be a new series of Nexus. These low cost phones may be working in tandem with Google’s new project ‘Loon’ which is among the company’s latest ventures.

Another motivation for Google is the QUYA, which is currently shipping its Android consoles in bulk. Thus, Google can expect another boost in business for this reason.

We hope Google’s new products do well in the market.


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