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Google reader’s recent official closure must have been an issue with many out here since there was a mass dependency on that reader. However, Digg came to its rescue by launching its own reader called ‘Digg Reader’. The software is already in the market in form of the iOS app and the web version. The Android version is also supposed to hit the shelves soon.

Quality Checks

As per the announcement, they spent the whole last week exploiting the software in order to find out its flaws and shortcomings. The company has well scaled the software and even made a set of test users use it in so as to find out what all improvements are required. After all this ‘Hit and Trial’ stuff, the reader was finally launched a few days before the closure of Google Reader.


The Effect of Google Reader’s Closure

Digg is especially taking on Google Reader’s closure in order to promote its product. Digg Reader has an option to recover the users Google Reader feeds. The company said that as soon as it launched the reader, the feed turnout crossed 4.5 million within 24 hours and is going upwards. Anyhow, this high amount of traffic did no effect the speed or functioning of the reader website or its online community.

Improvement as on Customer Feedback

According to Digg, the reader is new in the market and they have already started responding to customer feedback and improving upon their services. They plan to continue doing so as and far they keep on receiving the viewpoint of the users. An example of one such improvement is the ‘View Unread Items Only’ option where it is easy to sort out and classify the posts. Many more such changes are in the line.

The reader has also introduced the ‘Mark Unread’ option just like emails so that if someone accidently clicks on a mail, he can add it to the unread list again and check it later.


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