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Are you a person who loves to play racing games? Then let me tell you, you are in for a treat. One of the all time classic racing game Colin McRae Rally is available on the iTunes App Store for both iPhone and iPad. Talk about racing games, Colin McRae had created ripples in the gaming world with their amazing game back in the year 2001 for Playstation. This game created by Codemasters is tipped to be one of the finest racing games available for smartphones. Unlike other games, the Colin McRae Rally for iOS has introduced some great rally maps which tend to make the game much more interesting, the user is free to race over 30 different rally stages with a distance of 130km. The game has introduced four legendary cars the Ford Focus, Mistubishi Lancer Evolution VI, Subaru Impreza and the stunning Subaru Impreza.




Different stages included in this game makes the game a lot more fun and interesting because games with one single arena tend to cause boredom. The stages include the classic dusty Australian path, Mountainous path in Greece and even the wicked and winding lanes of Corsica.


Looking closely into the game I’ve noticed how it seems to have a lot of options to choose from, for example if you’re in the mood for a real race you could choose a full rally or a championship or if you just want to have some short fun you could go for the quick races. The game also offers a range of features and options which you could tweak such as the schemes, views and controls.


The graphics is great too and the game is both fun and addictive, the game also features an optional tilt control which is essential for any racing game on a phone. The Sound is another highlight, the game brings together both brilliant visual and amazing audio. To add to the fun, the game also fancies commentary from your co-driver, so that makes it much more real and gets your adrenaline up and running. The championship might be interesting for you if you’re interested in continuing everyday to become the greatest rally driver of all time.


The game has been made available for the iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4 and the latest iPod Touch. To get the best gaming experience its advised that you restart your device and close all the other applications that might be running on your device. Its available for download at the App Store and the $4.99 price tag is a little to ask for this amazing game from Codemasters.

DownloadColin McRae Rally for both iPhone and iPad



The Colin McRae Rally brings back memories and this time Codemasters they’ve put together brilliant gaming experience, great controls, classic cars and also fancies a much better interface. This game is a must have for every racing fan out there and with its wicked and winding maps you need the gamer to be absolutely aware otherwise you might end up last in the race.


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