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Music is the best medicine to release all your tension and go into the world with no disturbance. For such great music experience everyone should have a nice app in their app which meets all the need of a good music. The latest update of IOS leads to incredible changes into the music application. It will change the design and the way of using the applications and provide users with the most powerful and efficient ways to use a music application. People have often used the application which produces sounds by the instrument itself but the new application of the IOS has changed the thinking of people so we recommend people to check out this new application and download it to enjoy the features of this application.

Musyc for iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch

Musyc for iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch


The user interface always plays a vital role in any application and the new update provides users with easy interface so that a user doesn’t have to struggle a lot using an application. You can tap on any album to zoom in and in landscape view users can check the soundtracks of the album. The ultimate feature of this application is the integration of iRadio which is absolutely free and if you are having problem with the ads then you can buy an iTunes match subscription to remove such problem. So it offers a simple and easy design which is loved by the people.

Musyc- where drawing makes music

As we have discussed the different ways in which the design of music application is going to change now we have great news for the people who love drawing as their shapes will take the form of music. The game comes under the category of music but for a small child it can act as a game which is addictive and very entertaining.  You can make different shapes of your choice and move along a grid to produce music. The application is great combination of art and music which gives a new way to learn and create music.

Important features

  • The application is free but users are going to enjoy only limited services of this application but it’s good to have a start then goes on to purchase the full application.
  • The feature of motion recorder sounds great and people are surely going to pay money for this feature.
  • Age is no restrictions to this application and the dual feature of music and game makes it lovable and enjoyable.
  • The movements of your finger are going to decide what music is going to be played or created.

Download Musyc iOS App Now!!

It is a must have application a launched by the developers of IOS and gives a new dimension to the creation of music with shapes.  You can have its different features by paying $1.99 each and if you pay $3.99 you can unlock all the features of this application. For sure everyone is going to try this new application and in case you have used this application please do not forget to share your views about this app with us.


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