Wanna see the 364 diamond studded gold iPhone 5 ? Take a Look at the Images


If you remember the Dh9,300 BlackBerry Q10 that glittered in gold bezel, and introduced by a UK based company, then for sure you would be eager to see the 364 diamond studded gold iPhone 5 too. It is quite easy to understand that this iPhone 5 is very expensive and would surely burn a hole in the wallet. Only a selected group of people would be able to afford this expensive phone, which is quite obvious because of the hundreds of diamonds and the gold.

364 diamond studded iPhone 5 Images

364 diamond studded iPhone 5 Images

The 2 versions of Luxury

So, what is all about this iPhone 5 with all luxury? Goldgenie is going to bring this phone to the market in 2 editions. One is named the Gold Superstar and the other Gold Superstar Ice. While the former is to be made of 18 ct solid gold, the latter includes the 364 diamonds. Gold genie is the reserve the rights of distribution for both these phones.

How did it all start?

It all began last month when Bahrain residents were allowed to grab this gold and diamond studded iPhone. Kingsley Dodwell, who is the Bahrain Franchisee of the Goldgenie, has created world record in sales with the launch of the gold and diamond studded iPhone 5. This special edition was launched in Bahrain because of the support and endorsements that lead to the growth of brand name of Goldgenie. To name a few, who endorse the Goldgenie brand is Usain Bolt, Denzel Washington and in fact most of the golf and football clubs.

Images of Diamond studded gold iPhone 5

Images of Diamond studded gold iPhone 5

Burning a hole in your pocket

So, how much do you need to spend on these? Now do not taken aback by the cost, these are worth every penny you pay. This limited version of iPhone with solid 18 ct gold laden with 5.5 carat diamond, which are 364 in number is available for 68000 Euro or Dh393,000. You can get the phone covered with any precious stone or even your birthstone as you wish for just Dh40,000. If you wish to still grab the phone and pay a little lesser, then you need to choose the Superstar iPhone 5 from Goldgenie which has no diamonds or cannot be covered with any precious stones for just Dh278,000. In Euros it is Euro48,000. However, with a little difference you can pamper yourself with the diamond studded phones. A sapphire version is also expected soon and the price range is claimed to be between the two versions launched recently.

364 diamond studded gold iPhone 5 Case

364 diamond studded gold iPhone 5 Case

Making a tough decision (buy or not)

Is the cost keeping you away? Just take a look at the images and you would never mind to pay this money. This mobile phone customization in gold and diamond is sure to add to your image among your peers, provided if you can afford it. These stunning and lavish gold plated gadgets are the recent arrivals that have taken everyone by awe. It is worth to peek in and take a look of this high performance gadget clad in the diamond and gold encrust that suits its performance. Also, the Samsung Galaxy gadgets and a few BlackBerry are also customized in stunning gold and diamonds by Goldgenie.


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