Easy Steps to Root your Sony Xperia Z with Bootloader Unlocking Tips


Sony Xperia Z rooting tips has been revealed just before it comes in your hand and this is actually an awesome news for those who love tweaking with the gadgets and going to buy the Sony “Xperia Z”

Are you the next Xperia Z user? Do you want to root your “Xperia Z” android device immediately after buying it? Go through the below given rooting guide (manual) to learn how root your Sony Xperia Z.

Caution: Do not skip any single step while rooting your Sony Xperia Z

Rooting Process

How to Root Xperia Z

How to Root Xperia Z

First of all you need to ready your Sony device for rooting, simply check your smartphone for below given pre-stage requirements mandatory to root your android device. These preparation requirements are:   

  • Make sure that you are going to use this guide only to root/unroot Sony Xperia Z smartphone only. Don’t experiment the steps to tweak any other android device either it may hurt the OS or you’d end up bricking it.
  • Your Xperia Z should be on unlocked bootloader either you would not be able to root it successfully. Before unlocking keep your important data stored in external storage device because the moment you will unlock the bootloader of your android device it will wipe all the files and folders.
  • To root successfully your Xperia Z android phone click on the “fastboot fliles” option available on Unlock Bootloader guide menu. Make sure that the placed folder will be required to push the rooting files to your phone.
  • Your computer should have Sony Xperia Z USB Drivers installed.
  • You should have Sony Xperia Z firmware 10.1.A.1.350
  • Now go to the device option menu and enable USB debugging.
  • This guide is recommended to advance users only because being a newbie your simple mistake will lead to loss of data or failure of root.

So we hope that you have made your device ready for root and we can now process to the Rooting.

Easily Root Your Sony Xperia Z

Easily Root Your Sony Xperia Z

DoomLord tools to Root Sony Xperia Z:

  1. The first thing you need is to download the CF-Auto-Root (modified) tool available free at XDA thread HERE, save it to the “fastroot folder”
  2. Switch off your device.
  3. Now reboot your Xperia Z in Bootloader/ Fastboot mode
  4. Here you need to connect your device to laptop/pc through USB cable
  5. Now you need to open command prompt from the fastboot folder. The moment command prompt window opens you will have to enter the below given command lines to transfer the root files from the stored folder to your device.
  6. To do this simply enter >fastboot flash boot kernel.img and this command will flash the DoomLord-modded CF Auto Root Tool
  7. That’s it , now the next command is needed to reboot your device that is:  fastboot reboot
  8. Now you can see the 10 second timer to reboot device
  9. Ones the device reboots simply disconnect it from your PC.
  10. 10. Here you need to hard switch off your phone, it will make your device vibrate 3 times. Now we have to reboot again in into Fastboot mode
  11. Connect your smartphone to laptop/PC again using the USB.
  12. Connect your Xperia Z to your PC using the USB cable again.
  13. In command mode enter > fastboot flash boot stock-kernel.img to flash the stock kernel image
  14. Enter fastboot reboot to restart your device and enable to enable the normal boot mode.
  15. All done. Now download and install BusyBox Installer application from Google play store

This was the step by step complete guide to root your Sony Xperia Z, if you found any problem during the process simply, just leave a comment below.


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