Dinosaur Bone-Infused Luxury iPad 2 Gold History Edition for Spoiled Millionaires Review


Out of 7 billion people in this world we’ve got a big number of millionaires who are crazy for gadgets setting status symbol for them. Just wonder if you’re from those people on earth who have billion dollars just to spoil then how would you blow up your tons of money?

As some billion dollar companies understand what their son and grandsons demands to blow up this hell of money so they are very keen in manufacturing gadgets for spoiled millionaires on this planet.

One of such company is Apple, Yes! Recently Apple introduced Dinosaur Bone Infused Luxury iPad 2 for those who have piles of money to blow up on crazy gadgets and accessories.

Dinosaur Bone-Infused iPad

Price: $8 million

Just wonder your iPad encrusted with diamond and gold with 65 million year old bones of T-Rex Dinosaurs sections. Isn’t it amazing? Yes! But this gadget is made for seasoned professionals with million dollars to blow up because the price of this unique gadget is $8 Million

Apple’s this product is from one of the most unique gadget on earth, the iPad 2 Gold History Edition


iPad 2 Gold History Edition Detailed Review:


The iPad 2 Gold history technical specification is as iPad 2 but the body and design make it a million dollar product.  This iPad 2 is not the one that comes with simple black or white fiber body instead the designers encrusted it with 12.5 cts of ‘I’F’ Flawless diamonds, and don’t forgot the gold plated body.

But the most special material used for this unique gadget is the thigh bone shaving of T-Rex Dinosaurs bones those are very rare because we have these dinosaurs on earth 65 million ago.

The iPad 2 Gold History, is the idea of the one of the biggest and most popular luxury goods designing company Stuart Hughes.

How these materials make this gadget a millionaire’s first choice?

This is an interesting question because we know this the iPad 2 Gold Edition costs 8 Million dollars because it have gold, gems and the T-Rex bone’s but how designers used them to make it a beautiful gadget? So here’s the answer-

The body of your iPad 2 Gold Edition is plated by pure gold and the Apple logo in the back is made from 52 separate diamonds and they are stick on Apple logo made of solid black gold whereas the front of this million dollar device is made from 75 75-million-year-old ammolite rock.

Still not feeling excited?

Ok! So listen this, the craziest material that this gadget have is T-Rex’s thigh bone, this is being used by Hughes to shave and splinter this gadget.

And! The device surrounded but platinum with 12 outer 8.5 carat diamonds. The weight of this device is 2kg.

So this is a completely unique tablet computer made for millionaires.


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