iPhone 6 And Low Budget iPhone 5S To Be Released This Fall .


We see that samsung gain too much good reputation with it’s low budget low end smartphones and also samsung release the mini version of it’s high end smartphone so the users who can’t afford to buy high end smartphone can easily buy a low budget smartphone. Now this trend is being adopted by other rival companies such as HTC and may be Apple . We see that HTC high end smartphone will be followed by a mid range smartphone .


Now there are lot of rumours about Apple upcoming smartphone , According to rumours Apple will launch two iPhone versions this year iPhone 5s and iPhone 6 . iPhone 5s will be declared as low end budget friendly smartphone while iPhone 6 will be a high end smartphone . According to Apple officials Apple will launch new version iPhone in this winter . So we expect that new iphone version will be released in November .


Apple WWDC (world wide developer conference ) will be planed to take place on June 14 and we are expecting Apple to launch new iOS version iOS 7 on this event .Also Apple officials told that Apple is working hard on new iPhone version with some powerful new applications too.According to rumours Apple iPhone 6 will come up with retina display or may be a new display technology will be used which is IGZO with new upgraded processor Apple A7 .



Also there will new iOS 7 used in iPhone 6 with a better battery , iPhone smartphones comes up with a long battery life but in iPhone 6 there will be a better battery than older versions iPhone . Memory will be used in iPhone 6 will be 128 GB with 13 MP camera also with new NFC technology , NFC technology is the rising technology these days so may be Apple is planing to use NFC technology in new iPhone version .


While iPhone 5s which is supposed to be a budget friendly smartphone will be pinned with dual core processor with 4 inch display with 8 MP camera . Some reports says that next generation iPhone release is delaying because of production issues , so the rumours about the release delay of next generation iPhone are true we will see next generation iPhone in fall winter  rather than summer.


iPhone 5S interior-580-100







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