Samsung Galaxy S5 Expected Feature


Samsung release samsung galaxy s4 the most anticipated and most awaited smartphone of the year . Samsung galaxy s4 is the most powerful smartphone rite now in market and now we have samsung galaxy s4 get release we will look forward to next generation samsung galaxy S smartphone which will be most likely Samsung Galaxy S5 . Now a days technology is evolving too fast we might see such powerful smartphone in future that we will replace our personal computers with a smartphone . We see lot of new features in samsung galaxy s4 and now it’s pretty sure that samsung galaxy s5 will come up with improved and new features with some powerful hardware also.


But now days i think powerful hardware doesn’t matter if powerful hardware is not battery friendly , we want long battery life smartphone so we can use features for long time with out tension of charging so samsung will think about long battery life in samsung galaxy s5 rather than most powerful hardware which drains battery fast, people don’t want 8 core processor when they have only 7 core max processor in their personal computers , people want hardware which will be friendly for battery.


We also expect that samsung will introduce 3D display in samsung galaxy s5 along with 3D camera technology , we see some reports that samsung will introduce 3D camera technology in samsung galaxy note 3 which will be introduced with the name of samsung S orb . We also see some 3D display smartphone but their display become fade after some time so we hope an improve 3D display with 3D camera technology will be there in Samsung Galaxy S5.


There is another feature which is becoming popular theses days is projector installed smartphone , samsung launched samsung galaxy beam with such feature but projector of samsung galaxy beam in not so strong , imagine if someone don’t have TV in his house then he can use projector to see videos like home box office in smartphone . so a powerful projector in samsung galaxy s5 will attract many customers which are crazy about movies and music .


Also we see that samsung galaxy s4 is released with a good battery but battery drains faster when used for long time because of 8 cores used in processor ,when 8 cores are used battery drains too fast so user don’t want too much speedy smartphone if smartphone battery drains faster and you have to charge again and again so a long battery life smartphone with quad cores are sufficient for a smartphone . Also samsung galaxy s4 come sup with heavy sensors and camera which also drains battery fast so user have to know that such high sensors and camera will also effect battery.


Flexible display are the most wanted display rite now but non of the smartphone maker company is able to make flexible display , hopefully flexible display will get ready when samsung galaxy s5 will get launched next year in April or May . In flexible display glass is not used because glass shattered when smartphone is dropped , Fibre or plastic material is being used in flexible display so when smartphone is dropped it absorb shock and also there will be no scratch on screen , display remains in one piece .


Also samsung TouchWiz user interface is not appreciated highly by the users they rather prefer custom ROM with new user interface so samsung have to improve TouchWiz user interface . Also TouchWiz is a good launcher but lot of people didn’t buy samsung smartphone of TouchWiz launcher . Samsung have to do something about that may be samsung have to hire other launcher companies to collaborate with them and design a good launcher so user attract more and more towards samsung devices.


We see that samsung is highly criticised on using plastic body case in samsung galaxy s4 while we see that HTC One is highly appreciated by users on unibody aluminium case . so we hope that samsung will use new design and will use aluminium or any other material rather than plastic in samsung galaxy s5 . HTC One is also called stylish and attractive smartphone so samsung have to design samsung galaxy s5 body stylish and attractive so there will be no chance for rivals to beat samsung galaxy s5 at any ground.


We see there are lot more new features which are not yet ready and we didn’t see them in samsung galaxy s4 but we hope samsung able to complete them before the launch of samsung galaxy s5 and features of samsung galaxy s4 will get improved too in samsung galaxy s5 . What you think what you people want in upcoming samsung galaxy s5 tell us in your comments.



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    WOW! It’s perfect!
    I’m from Iran and I think Samsung is e-x-c-e-l-l-e-n-t !

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