Verizon Galaxy S3 Hacked To Change CDMA Handset To GSM Handset


People prefer GSM over CDMA cause you can take your GSM device any where all the network supports gsm devices where CDMA devices are on limited carriers, when you goto another country you have to pay for roaming well you don’t need to worry now cause a member of XDA Developer lair12 finds a way to hack into CDMA device and convert itno a GSM Device. He performed that trick on Verizon Galaxy S3 which is a CDMA device, in this method you have to do rooting, flashing and installing few patches. Its not simple as it looks you have to spend hours and perform all the step one by one.


This Guide credit goes to XDA Developers. Follow all the steps and be carefull you might lose your device, remember after this trick done successfully it will work on all Europe GSM networks.

I – Things to be followed/done before he left US/you leaving your country:

  • Root the phone with stockROM.
  • Use spring.recovery.image for Clockworkmod recovery.
  • Load the APN Manager Application from Google Play.
  • Load the HiAPN Global Application from Google Play.
  • Load Ghost Commander Application from Google Play.
  • Load DropBox Application from Google Play.
  • Load PhoneInfo Application from Google Play.
  • Create a back-up of APN into the SD card using the HiAPN Application.
  • Edit “apnlist_backup.xml” found at SD card à HiDroid_Net à HiAPN using Ghost Commander Application and include your APN information.
  • Use HiAPN to restore APNs.
  • Use APN Manager to see the APN list and check if new APN is correct.
  • Use APN Manager and make sure that APN is still set toLTE-Verizon Internet or EHRPD-Verizon Internet.

II – Things to be done overseas to Convert LTE to GSM:

  • Switch-off the phone & take out the battery and now put the sim-card into the phone (Foreign country sim) .
  • Turn ON the phone.
  • Turn OFF the Wi-Fi.
  • Use PhoneInfo Application to change the preferred network type to “Global”. (Click on device information and scroll for first box)
  • Open HiAPN and press ‘Click to restore APNs’ and allow it to ‘clean original APN settings’. Select ‘Click to Autoset APNs’ or hit ‘Net’ one at a time to rotate to the right APN.
  • Go to airplane mode to reset the radio (Just switch in and go back).
  • Settings à More Settings àMobilenetwork à First instance of Network Mode should be ‘Global mode’ else go back to step 4.
  • Settings à More Settings à Mobile Network à Access Point Names should have correct APN settings else go back to step 5.
  • Settings à More Settings à Mobile network à Second instance of Network Mode should be ‘GSM/WCDMA’ else go back to step 6.
  • Reebot, and you should have GSM working on your phone!

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