NEXUS 5 Comes Up With New Camera Technology


We see lot of rumours about Motorola X Phone co-developed with Google and X Phone is the most high end smartphone flagship from google . There is another device people talk alot about and this device is also from google co-developed with LG Nexus 5 .


Lot of rumours about Nexus 5 are hitting the web and in start we think that X phone will be a low end budget friendly smartphone and Nexus 5 will be a high end smartphone but now with the reports coming up for Nexus 5 ensures that Nexus 5 will be a low end smartphone and probably budget friendly and X Phone will be a high end smartphone .


Google is working hard on Nexus 5 specification specially the camera also google vice president says words about the Nexus 5 camera as they are working hard on Nexus 5 camera . First we see rumours says that Nexus 5 will be packed with camera with shooter by Nikon on it .Now rumours says that Nexus 5 camera will have CCD technology instead of CMOS technology , also there is a 9 MP camera pinned in Nexus 5 . Will google ditch its CMOS camera technology and use CCD technology in Nexus 5 ? Nexus 5 other specification includes 4.5 inches display smaller than its older versions pixel resolution is also low as 720 p . The display will be not HD but it will be IPS LCD display .


Qualcomm s 600 chipset will be used in nexus clocked at 1.5 GHz , beside all these Nexus 5 will come up with  a huge battery which makes Nexus 5 alive for  long time battery used in Nexus 5 will be 2800 mAh battery . There is no SD card facility available in Nexus 5 so on board memory will be high may be 64 GB or 124 GB will be offered by Google to its Nexus 5 users .If google will launch X Phone and Nexus 5 with same hardware specification then what smartphone you will buy for yourself X Phone or Nexus 5 if you know my opinion i will go for X Phone .


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