Galaxy Note 2 S-pen Sensitivity Issue.


Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has been a success for Samsung as they were able to give so many new features in it, fans and other people over the world love the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and the sales of Galaxy Note 2 were huge. But as the time passed on many users find issues in this device, one of those issues was the sensitivity of the S-Pen.


One of the User at Androidandme posted that all of a sudden his S-pen start acting weird, “Whenever I try to draw something the spen kind of start sketching even if I am just hovering over the S note.Similarly whenever I hover over Bluetooth,screen rotation or any other option over Status bar, it automatically clicks it without the spen touching the screen.”

Suggestion goes on like this:

  • Tab the head of the s-pen against a hard surface lightly.
  • Try banging it before ripping it open.
  • Firmly grasp the little tip of the pen and pull out until the tweezers loss their grip.(When it is stuck down, this issue can occur. Because it was stuck down, adjusting the potentiometer was going to have no effect.)

And if none of them is not working for you, try watching this video.:

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