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Creating a iOS application is not so easy you have to work out on codes and then you have to make a good display of your application so user will easily communicate with the application well it’s not recommended for you to do such a long work .. infact you can make mock ups and design the general look of the application and check weather it works or not , this is where AppCooker make his way in. This application AppCooker allows user to work on application mock ups , design their application icons , design the over all general look of the application , and also you can do the marketing thing for your application . In the start it seems that this application AppCooker is bit expensive but when you work on it you find out you just spend nothing and you get what you want .


AppCooker is not very hard application to use and understand it just take some time and you will understand every thing , starting a new project with lot options on application mock ups creator also AppCooker will allow you o choose what format you want to use for your application weather for iPad or iPhone . A series of widgets and wire frames makes it easy to design screens before linking them together ,AppCooker helps you design a full fledged application design . Being so visual and informative its very easy to work out in AppCooker and design a useful application .


The application icon can also be deigned very easy you can import videos from various locations , lot of functions are there to help you , notes and deign section allows you to share you ideas and inspiration. Also there are sections for app store and also you can edit description it too ,an ideal place for to check back on enlightenment as well as keeping all the important information in one place . also there is a marketing section which helps developers to work out on their price of application with analysis .

Also you can manage your files in AppCooker more useful than ever and it allows export files to iTunes as well as Drop Box or Box to make backup or send to any one . AppCooker is also integrate with App Taster a companion and useful application which allows you to check your mock ups also you can share them to get feed back . Its hard to find any thing wrong or faulty in AppCooker a one in all application for designers and a helpful application  for creators , creators can create their own application in attractive and more convenient way .

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