PlayStation 4 Console Design Concept Render Hits The Web.


From the release of PlayStation 3, we have been hearing that Sony will release it’s next Generation gaming Console, PlayStation 4,  then the company confirmed itself  in an event that they held in New York City, that they are releasing PlayStation 4 by showing of it’s technical aspects.However they did not show any sort of design to assume how console will look like.


Nevertheless, a new concept has been emerged on the internet showing what PlayStation will look like. This new Concept features a very rough ‘Box‘ like design, with no rounded edges. All of the essentials are there, a slot-loading Blu-ray drive at the front, along with a power switch, cooling vent, Ethernet, HDMI 1 and HDMI 2 ports. There are also two USB ports on the front. Well if you look at it it does not look like what Sony has to present, but instead it just look like another gaming Console that will come in future.


More aspects of console have been shown on February 20th including an aforementioned controller, this new console will feature an enhanced hardware more like a powerful gaming PC and many features that will illuminate users eyes from both design and Hardcore gaming point of view.Video sharing, e.g allows players to share a live video feed of their gameplay with their friends over the Internet and even allow others to control their games.


According to Sony, the consoles final design has not been finalized yet, hence the delayed announcement. Still, Sony has promised to release ‘something‘ in the holiday season this year, therefore a design will be unveiled within the next few months. It will be left to see whether it will in any resemblance this video mock-up.


Following are the more  Concepts of PlayStation 4 on the Web.







playstation 4 controller







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