Android 4.2 Jelly Bean Update For HTC One Rolling Out


HTC One will be in customers hands in just 2 or 3 weeks and HTC One is running android 4.1 jelly bean out of box but as you know Samsung Galaxy S4 is powered by android 4.2 jelly bean but HTC is planing to roll out Android jelly bean final update for HTC One in 2 months time HTC One users will be getting  android 4.2 jelly bean update just after 1 month or may be 3 weeks they buy their HTC One .


HTC users will enjoy android 4.2 jelly bean very soon because in MAY 2013 Google will launch android 5.0 key lime so there is a little space for HTC to bring android update the last android version update for their users so we will see very soon the android 4.2 jelly bean update. Android 4.2 jelly bean update will bring some new things and improved features in HTC One like as Google Now , New lock screen widgets , new quick setting menu , new key pad which support gesture typing , Photo Sphere feature which allows users to capture panorama pictures .


Android 4.2 jelly bean update is rolled out back in 2012 for nexus devices by google and later on only Verizon version smartphones get android 4.2 jelly bean update. Well there is a small window for HTC to let his customers enjoy Android 4.2 jelly bean update because if Android 5.0 key lime pie get debuted then every one will go after 5.0 version of android .

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