Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Expected And Confirmed Features


We all see that South Korean based company announces it new upcoming smartphone flagship terminal Samsung galaxy s 4 with some new and cool features , some feature are entirely new and amazing smartphone users are too much excited about the new smartphone flagship from Samsung and they are waiting eagerly to get their hands on it , Samsung galaxy s4 will hit the markets of the world in the end of April 2013 .Smartphone users get they want from Samsung now tablet users looking forward to Samsung . Tablet users also want some thing new something amazing in upcoming new tablet flagship tablet from Samsung.


Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is also the most anticipated tablet of the year we are expecting Samsung to launch Samsung galaxy note 3 with some amazing and new features as they do in Samsung galaxy s 4 . we are expecting Samsung to pack a bigger screen display in samsung galaxy note 3 we see 5.5 inches display in older version of galaxy note but i think a bit bigger display will be appreciated by users as they want bigger screen in tablet to do things multitasking so a bigger screen will help them do multi tasking easily. we are hoping Samsung to pack atleast 5.9 inches display in samsung galaxy note 3 and we also expect samsung to use some new technology for the display like OLED , Solux etc we want to see some new display rather than old HD AMOLED display .


Now a days every smartphone company uses the most powerful chipset available in their smartphones or tablets , Exynos 5 Octa 5 chipset s the most powerful chipset available rite now and Exynos 5 Octa chipset is owned by Samsung also so we are expecting a better performance Exynos 5 Octa chipset in samsung galaxy note 3 rather than qualcomm chipset like snapdragon s 600 or s 800 . With high performance processor and chipset we will able to see fast and reliable tablet in our hands .


In terms of user interaction S-Pen stylus gain too much good reputation and popularity among tablet users . with S-Pen you can perform tasks on your tablet faster than fingers and you can do lot of things you can’t do with your finger .Samsung also works on S-Pen stylus as they also buys some shares in S-Pen stylus company . now we are hoping to see improve s-pen stylus in future as samsung also investing in s-pen stylus . We see that in samsung galaxy s 4 we have Air- swipe function so we don’t need to touch the screen in order to do any thing on smartphone we also hoping to see s-pen stylus air swipe feature in samsung galaxy note 3 that we don’t need to touch screen with s-pen in order to do any thing .


The other features include a 2 GB or may be 4 GB RAM with 2 GHz processor speed or may be 1.8 GHz , Some features from samsung galaxy s 4 as Smart Scroll , Smart Eye , Smart Pause , Improved TouchWiz user interface with some new additions . We are expecting Samsung Galaxy note 3 will get debuted in the mid of September 2013 so if google roll out Android 5.0 key lime pie at its I/O on 25 MAY 2013 then its conformed that if google roll out new version of android samsung galaxy note 3 will be powered by latest version of android available most likely android 5.0 key lime pie .With android 5.0 key lime pie we will see some new and fast android experience ever and most likely we will see some new features which android 5.0 key lime pie supports .

You can also read our article on all the expected features till now foe Samsung Galaxy Note 3.













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