Samsung Galaxy S 4 With New Camera Technology


There are lot of rumours surfing the web about the new upcoming smartphone flagship terminal from South Korean based company , just 2 days left in the release of most awaited smartphone of the year by South Korean company and rumours are like stars in the sky you can see rumours every where and as the release date is coming closer new rumours are surfing the web and if we say that these rumours become true then we will see a super smartphone flagship terminal from Samsung .


Some of the rumours are true and most of them are just the fantasy thinking of bloggers . We see a new camera technology introduced by HTC in HTC One and they called it Ultrapixel technology , In Ultrapixel technology there are 3 sensor layers used to capture a sharp image equal to 13 MP ,probably 4.3 MP sensor layers are used to capture image with good quality and sharpness. Now Samsung has to do some thing new to gather user attention to the camera of Samsung Galaxy S 4. Now rumours are surfing the web and according to rumours Samsung Galaxy S 4 camera will support 3D .


Well if this rumour come up true   then Samsung Galaxy S 4 will not the first device which is capable of 3D recording there are other devices which do the same but unfortunately they are not so popular . With 3D image quality you can capture a lot better image than any other smartphone or tablet we are not sure about that this rumour will come up true but we know that Samsung is working on some thing best some thing new camera technology in Samsung Galaxy S 4 . Imagine you can record or capture 3D images or videos with your smartphone , with 3D technology Samsung Galaxy S 4 can easily beat the biggest rival HTC HTC One .




samsung galaxy s4




samsung-galaxy-s4 (1)














xl_Samsung Galaxy S4 leak


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  1. I dont guess most of the pics are genuine samsung s4 pics

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