Samsung Galaxy S 4 Will Come Up With New Display Technology


Just 3 days away and we will get our hands on the most anticipated and most awaited smartphone of the year The Next big Thing by south Korean based company . Get Ready For The Next Galaxy new logo for south Korean based company new up coming smartphone Samsung Galaxy S 4 . Seoul based company already send invitation to the top advertising and news companies for the unpacked event to be held in New York  at 14 March.


There are lot of rumours about Samsung Galaxy S 4 and lot of rumours came up true as Samsung officially announced those feature to be present in Samsung Galaxy S 4 . There are lot rumours about the chipset to be used in Samsung Galaxy S 4 most of the rumours says that Octa 5 Exynos chipset will be dropped for Samsung Galaxy S 4 as Octa 5 Exynos chipset is not ready yet as over heating issues are not solved yet, the next best choice for chipset is snapdragon 600 chipset but now there are news that Samsung will use both snapdragon 600 and Octa 5 Exynos chipset in Samsung Galaxy S 4 as USA users will have terminal with snapdragon 600 and rest of the world will enjoy Samsung Galaxy S 4 with Octa 5 Exynos chipset.


Display is also important now a days as 1080 p display become the standard of 2013 smartphone also 5 inches display is also popular among the most of the smartphone users so Samsung Galaxy S 4 is packed with 1080 p display with 4.99 inches display but the technology used  for display is still undefined as some rumours says that Super AMOLED technology will be used some rumours says that HD display technology will be used some says Solux technology will be used but there is no official news about the display technology from South Korean based company that what kind of technology will be used for display .


now there is another rumour about Samsung Galaxy S 4 as Samsung Galaxy S 4 will be packed with PHOLED display , PHOLED technology used Phosphorescent organic material for display . AMOLED technology used Fluorescence material for display but in PHOLED technology luminosity become 27% will which will help battery to live atleast 37 % more than AMOLED display used batteries smartphone .


This is a new thing and we can expect Samsung to pinned PHOLED display in Samsung Galaxy S 4 as Samsung introduced this PHOLED Technology 4 years ago . PHOLED technology is not used on large scale by any company because of its limited life but Samsung has produced its on PHOLED technology so we are hoping that we will see improved PHOLED technology in Samsung Galaxy S 4 .


Touchless gestures are also there in Samsung Galaxy S 4 as touchless gestures are not the premier display now days but we are hoping a display for Samsung Galaxy S 4 on which we can use our fingers as S-Pen Stylus or we can see video or picture by just hover our finger on specific part of the display .


other feature which are confirmed in Samsung Galaxy S 4 are that a 13 MP camera is there for your photography needs with 2 GB RAM also HD display is used in Samsung Galaxy S 4 with PHOLED technology. We have to wait for 14 March to see what South Korean based company will launch in Samsung Galaxy S 4 .


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