Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Facts And Features


As we all know that Samsung is delivering awesome smartphone to market and they are at the top right now . And Samsung bring new inventions in smartphone business now every smartphone company is designing high specification smartphone to survive in market business .Samsung gain huge success with the release of its Galaxy smartphone series also Samsung conquer the tablet market with Samsung Galaxy Note 2 .


As now Samsung Galaxy S 3 is at the top of smartphone race and Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is at the top of tablet race . We are all expecting Samsung Galaxy S 4 and Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will come up with something new . Now rumours are that the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will come up with AirView technology with this technology you can use S-Pen as well as fingers . As you know that Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has floating touch gesture but its function of touch is limited to proximity sensor only . You can only use proximity sensor by placing your finger on it when screen is closed and you see missed call notification , text messages new  and other notifications only .

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As Samsung also buys Wacom share 5% now we will hoping to have improved and better performance S-Pen in future .With touch-less gestures you can use your fingers as S-Pen or mouse to open folders , videos , any thing on your tablet , Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will coming up touch-less gestures as Samsung wants their users can easily use tablet instead of using S-Pen always ,because S-Pen is only used by Samsung mostly , other smartphone from other companies mostly comes up with finger using touchscreen no need to use S-Pen for any thing.  Beside all this features of touchscreen Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will be pinned with 6.3 inches full HD display .



As the rumours say Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will be powered by Android 5.0 key lime pie as Google will announce this new version of android on its I/O at 25 may 2013 and Samsung Galaxy Note 3  will become the first terminal from Samsung which come up Android 5.0 key lime pie out of box . Also Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will be pinned with Octa-core  Exynos 5 chipset the most powerful chipset at the moment in market . Samsung Galaxy Note 3 also have Samsung TouchWiz with 2 GB RAM and 3 options for internal flash memory as 16/ 32 / 64 GB with SD card option available.







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