Temple Run 2 Patcher.


Just two weeks ago, Imangi Studios released the next version of the most popular game of Android, Temple Run, Temple Run 2. Unlike Temple Run no one is able to release it’s patcher, with help of which you can get unlimited coins. Temple Run 2 has been downloaded more than 170Million in less than 2 weeks, even for iOS it’s downloading rate is unbelievable.


Developers of  Temple Run 2 has made a lot of different changes in it, if you have played both of them, then you must have knows that Temple Run 2 has far great graphics than it’s predecessor, alot  of new features like when you fill up the bonus meter you have to option to use any sort of bonuses like Magnet, Boost.

Lets come back to the real thing, we were talking about the patcher of Temple Run 2, well no one has released it yet, but sources are telling that it might be available in two or three weeks.Temple Run 2 has alot of new features and to unlock them you need to collect coin, patcher allows you to have unlimited coins and you can unlock everything which require coins.Well we don’t have any sort of patcher for Tempe Run 2 but for Temple Run the link is below.

Temple Run 2: Download Like (Google Play)

Temple run Patcher: Download Link


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